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dan juga pendapat Mommy Fara di blog beliau :
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Dear Parents,

There are many growing up milk powders available in Malaysia and all are a rich source of essential nutrients for children. Two months ago, we gave all Malaysian parents a healthier choice of growing up milk powder for their children. Anmum Essential has the essential nutrients children need without the added sugars.

Since then, there has been a lot of different information about added sugars. In this open letter to you, we’d like to share some facts about sugar so that you can make an informed decision about the growing up milk powder you purchase for your child.

Fact 1: Sugars are sugars

Do not be confused by all of the different names being used – natural sugars, added sugars, natural plant sugars, corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids. In this context, they are all basically the same. One is not better than the other. They all provide extra calories and they all end up the same inside a child’s body.

Fact 2: Too much added sugars is the problem

Sugars are not necessarily bad as they can help provide the energy that children need. All milks already contain some natural sugars. However, when the level of added sugars in growing up milk powder becomes excessive, it is completely unnecessary; it does not align with any local or international recommendations; and it can increase the risk of health problems for children now and in the future.

Fact 3: ‘Carbohydrates’ in milk powder consist of only sugars

Under Malaysian food labelling regulations, fibre is not included in the total carbohydrate level declared in the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP). It is declared separately. The number for ‘carbohydrate per serve’ in the NIP is made up of only two things:

    * Sugars that are naturally present in the milk powder: This is called lactose and the natural healthy level in a glass of regular milk is approximately 11g - 12g per serve.

    * Sugars that are added to the milk powder: Corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids are the main added sugars ingredients used in growing up milk powders. These are not naturally present in milk; they are added sugars. This means that in growing up milk powder, anything higher than 11g - 12g for ‘carbohydrate per serve’ is actually added sugars.

With these three facts, we urge you to do three things in order to make an informed decision about your child’s growing up milk powder:

Request 1: Check your child’s pack of growing up milk powder – remember, anything higher than 11g - 12g under ‘carbohydrate per serve’ is added sugars.

Request 2: Taste your child’s growing up milk – notice how sweet it is.

Request 3: Talk to others about what you’ve found out – your friends, family and doctor.

We sincerely hope that this open letter helps to give you a better understanding of added sugars in growing up milk powders. More importantly, we hope that the information in this letter allows you to assess your current choice of growing up milk powder and help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right one for your child.

Yaya cuma berkongsi maklumat yang yaya dapat .. kesimpulannya anda sendiri yang tentukan ... ambil pendapat Mommy Fara sebgai garis panduan ...

'Taktik bisnes yg berjaya adalah counter and defend. Bile org counter produk kite, kite kene pandai defend. Bile org defend produk mereka, kita kene pandai counter. This is what we call compete with other competitor.'

nota : renung-renungkan dan selamat berfikir.... ^___^