Lagu Cinta Kami | This Promise I Swear

Assalamualaikum ...

terkenang suatu ketika dahulu .... indahnya perasaan sewaktu dapat kad dengan tertulis lirik lagu nie .. sehingga hari nie setiap bait-bait lagu metal ballad nie akan membuat daku berasa begitu syahdu....hihi.. 24.05.11 ulang tahun perkahwinan kami yang ke-3 ... tapi kami dah berkawan sejak 14 tahun yang lalu .. siapa kata cinta monyet cinta sia-sia ? kalau betul landasannya ... kalau betul mahunya ... dan kalau betul niatnya ... Insya Allah si dia milik kamu ...

This Promise I Swear by Highland Glory

You cast a spell on me
The first time I ever felt your caress
I turned around to see
Love at first sight my princess
I stood there paralyzed
You appeared like a vision divine to me
My heart had realized
I had to make you mine


You, you left a mark
Too deep in my heart
How could I forget you
You disappeared
I shouldn`t have feared
If our paths would be crossing again
You`re mine `till the end


All my dreams became true
Can`t believe that I`ve finally found you
Without you by my side
Wouldn`t know how to ever get by
All my life I`ll be true
There`s no question my faith is in you
I`ll be there by your side
`cos in me you can truly confide

I had everything I could ask

Except who I really needed
When I laid my eyes on you
The path of my future revealed
Through all our days of sunshine and rain
I`ll be your guide through the joy and pain
I swear this sacred vow
A promise to love you forever


You, you hold the key
You make me see
You`re my hearts desire
Angel of delight
Love of my life
You`re the answer to all of my prayers
This promise I swear



My dark princess of light
I`ll be your knight
Proudly I`ll stand by your side
Shining so bright
Holding you tight
Close `till the day when we die
`till death us unite


nota : segala memori menerjah kalbu ... ^___^



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