Baby’s Breath: Back to the Limelight of Being a Star Flower | Baby’s Breath by which a species is commonly known to the general public, rather than its scientific name, Gypsophila. The name, Baby’s Breath was undoubtedly influenced by the sheer delicacy of the mini flowers. Even though, these flowers may look fragile, these plants grow really well and sturdily in alkaline well drained soil with full sun on it. However, the growing environment required ample moisture for it to bloom at its best. 

Have you realized? No matter how frequent you buy or send flowers, you surely are familiar with a certain tiny flower called baby’s breath. It is often used as a filler to a bouquet. Just like bread and butter. The roses are like bread and the baby’s breath is like the butter to the florist. 

Time to Change. No More as Supporting Role in a Flower Bouquet 

For several years of being known and recognized as cheap filler flowers for any flower bouquets, the Gypsophila or Baby’s Breath flowers are now getting the limelight back. A lovely Flower Delivery of these Baby’s Breath is no longer for filling purposes only but as the main highlight of the floral design. Professional and reputable Singapore Florist takes pride in creating beautiful designs of Baby’s Breath as it takes back the limelight and hold on to the stardom it deserves. Moreover, many well know florists and designers are also on the edge of rediscovering the versatility, beauty, and uniqueness of this flower, creating new trends and fads for Baby Breath bouquets. 

Taking back its spot on the stage of stardom, florist uses the flowers of Baby’s Breath not just to fill the gaps between larger flowers but to be the main flower for the bouquet. The flower shop presents a long list of categories for designs of bouquets for birthdays, weddings, graduation, Mother’s Day, anniversary, valentine’s day and more. Using this flower as it is to create a cluster or bunch of stems, whether for large bouquet or for smaller one, the hand bouquet appears more elegant and unique than before. 

Baby’s Breath flowers are now becoming the main focus on fashion designs, collections, wedding fairs, and more. Baby’s Breath flowers are being used for over sized headpiece or crowns, delicate bracelets, hair accessories, dainty bouquets, draped garlands, table centerpieces, and more. For weddings, this white, delicate flower does not just complement the bridal gown and wedding gowns but also the entire wedding designs and decorations. For a touch of elegance combined with romance and sentiments, the flowers of Baby’s Breath will never leave you disappointed for about every floral design you need. 

Baby’s Breath flowers are also the subject on any modern designs of bouquets. The plain and simple bouquet that contains Baby’s Breath only are designed by the florists in Singapore with chic vases, flower wrappers, modern flower boxes, or ribbons for stem wraps. Some classic and vintage styles are also given the twist to create a new and unique look expressing purity, innocence, and romance. With a Flower Delivery of Baby’s Breath flowers, you do not have to wait for weddings and grand events anymore. This flower can be the best gift of love and romance and of meaningful gifts for all kinds of occasions or celebrations.