6 Famous Tourist Attractions Recommendation in Penang

6 Famous Tourist Attractions Recommendation in Penang | Penang is an island located on the northwest side of the Malaysia peninsula. One of the cities in Penang, George Town, is the second largest city in Malaysia and is a city famous for its culture and history. Even UNESCO has named this city a Cultural Heritage City.

It's no wonder there are so many tourist attractions in Penang, especially in the George Town area which are interesting to visit. Especially now that there are many choices of Kuala Lumpur to Penang flights which make it even easier for you.

So, to make your vacation enjoyable, here are recommendations for tourist attractions in  Penang that you can include on your travel list when exploring Malaysia!

Famous Attractions In Penang
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Fun Things To Do in Penang

1. Kerachut Beach

If you are in Penang National Park, don't forget to visit Kerachut Beach. After walking through the beautiful forest in the park you will arrive at this beautiful beach. Kerachut Beach has a meromictic lake which is a meeting place for seawater and freshwater.

Apart from that, Kerachut beach is also used as a conservation location for leatherback turtles and green turtles. Visitors are advised to come at night so they have the opportunity to see turtle nesting activities on the coast.

Other activities that visitors can do are camping or camping in a special location near the beach. To get to the beach location apart from walking through the Penang National Park forest, apart from walking you can also rent a boat.

2. Tow Boo Kong Temple

Don't be surprised when you walk around Penang and find lots of typical Chinese temple buildings. Penang, Malaysia is like a paradise for tourists who want to visit various magnificent and oldest temples in Asia. One of the famous temples that are often a mandatory location for tourists is the Tow Boo Kong Temple in Butterworth.

This temple also known as The Nine Emperor Gods Temple was first established by the local community in 1970 as a central location to celebrate the Festival of the Nine Emperor Gods. Access to Tow Boo Kong Temple is also easy, you only need to take the Rapid Penang bus and get off right in front of the temple.

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3. Street of Harmony

For those of you who are visiting Penang, there's nothing wrong with stopping by the Street of Harmony on Jalan Kapitan Keling. This street is a symbol of peace and tolerance between religious communities in the city of Penang.

Visitors can find various buildings of worship including the Sri Mahamariamman Temple which is the oldest Hindu temple in Penang, the Church of St. George which is the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia, Kapitan Keling Mosque, and many other interesting buildings that you can find.

Not far from the Street of Harmony location, visitors can also find Little India which is not far from there.

4. Tropical Spice Garden

Another unique tourist destination that you must visit in Penang is the Tropical Spice Garden. This place is an 8-hectare garden planted with 500 species including medicinal plants and spices.

Inside the Tropical Spice Garden, it is divided into three zones or routes based on the type of plants. Even though this garden is filled with medicinal and spice plants, don't worry, because this garden is no less beautiful than other flower gardens because there are various ornamental plants and ferns as well as artificial mini waterfalls.

Tropical Spice Garden also provides playground facilities for children such as an Slides and Ladders arena and a cooking class for parents only.

5. Fort Cornwallis

Founded in 1786, Fort Cornwallis was a British stronghold that had changed its function as an administrative center. The structure of the fort which is still very sturdy makes Fort Cornwallis a historical tourist attraction in Penang where Toppers can find remnants of historical journeys starting from the existence of prisons, cannons ancient, to various antique relics from the world war era.

6. Entopia, Penang Butterfly Farm

The next popular tourist destination in Penang is Entopia which is under the auspices of the Penang Butterfly Farm. Having existed since 1986, Entopia, which is located in the Teluk Bahang region, is home to tens of thousands of butterflies and hundreds of plant species.

This Penang tourist attraction not only offers education about the life of butterflies, but also an unforgettable experience exploring butterfly-made habitats. - this very natural butterfly.

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